Sunday, December 17, 2006

Bon Voyage!

Since I'm leaving for Espana Thursday, I'm getting pretty pumped - already thinking about packing (clothing, clothing, clothing), and more importantly, plane-wear. But before I go into full-throttle outfit mode, here is one fab beyond fab website to get you excited for vacation too (even if that means staying at home in your P.J.'s watching back-to-back episodes of Desperate Housewives, Style Network, and Emeril).

Daily Candy. Where do I even begin? This is basically the most entertaining, helpful website ever. I don't know how I'd live without it. It has a London, LA, New York, Chicago, Seattle (the list goes on and on) edition - and it tells you A-List places to hang out (whatever your budget may be). It also has amazing info like fashion tips, new beauty meccas, and the scoop on your favorite bookstores, bus stops, body shops, etc. ! And, don't fret my dears, Daily Candy has a new "Travel Section" so even if you don't live in one of the prescribed regions ... you can search where you live in the Travel Section in their archives and it will still give you info! And wait, I'm forgetting the best part... you can sign up to have a free email sent to you almost every day concerning all of this info!!

And some plane essentials:

A cozy cashmere dress to make your flight comfy - especially if it's a red-eye flight!

Some adorable leggings to match - if you're going from a cold climate to a warm one, pull them off just as you're landing and voila - your set for the weather!

And a cozy camel cashmere sweater to match - perfect for a long ride.

Now, I'm sorry to all of the Ugg-Haters out there, but I must say, Uggs are the pefect travel accesory - soo insanely comfy (at least you can't deny that) - and they're easy to run around in the airport in.

I don't think I'd be able to last a long plane ride without a little pot of gloss! This Benefit Benetint Jar is great - it can also be put on cheeks and gives just the warmest, lightest glow. I adore! (And yes, I checked, now you're allowed to take gloss on planes!)

Why not stash it away in an adorable carry-all chocolate brown tote?

And finally, I couldn't survive without my junky magazines. I adore lucky - they always have perfect chic outfits for every occasion! And why not have fun plastering there "yes", "no", "maybe" stickers on siblings? (well, maybe that's a don't...)

Remember to trvael in style and of course, to stay chic!,

Chic in the City <3

Friday, December 15, 2006

Agnes B - Les VĂȘtements de Mes RĂȘves

Tonight being the first night of Chanukah, all I have in mind is presents. Tonight I got a Juicy Couture Jacket, and some other little things (some stuff from Olive and Bette's and Agnes B). However, the little cardigan I got from Agnes B was just so cute I couldn't help remember my obsession with anything french. That's why I'm going to do a post on Agnes B/French Iconic Fashion.
Everything at Agnes B is just so chic and french - so put together and simplistic. (Everything from Agnes B is made in France and can be purchased online or at select stores around the country). Here are some of my favorite finds:

Doesn't this just scream french to you? It looks like one of those old sailor fishermen shirts but way cuter. I love the little buttons.

How cute is this little-mini skirt? It's made out of wool (very hip), but it's lined so it won't be itchy. I lovee the heart pockets.

Here's just a simple navy cami - an essential item for every wardrobe. This one is uber-soft and the cut is just oh-so chic.

I love this pale-pink sweater - it just seems so ballet-esque. It would look adorable with dark wash skinny jeans...

And finally, how could a girl go without accesories? Here's just a fun little aqua wallet to brighten up your purse.

To complete your "french" look, here are some musts. First of all, ballet flats. I cannot imagine France without them...or my own closet! They are my biggest wardrobe staple - I have them in every color, fabric, and name it. Whether you go for trendy patent-leather or classic navy suede - keep on wearing 'em!

Here are some of my picks:

A little crazy, but the peeptoe is a fresh take on the ordinary flat. Gorgeous!

French Sole -- my favorite ballet flat brand, the originator of the ballet slipper. These are so adorable - I love the gold hue!

And some classic suede navy blue ballet flats - with a mod little rose on top!

And as for bottoms, dark-wash skinnies and straight leg jeans are the way to go, however, think retro Audrey Hepburn to get the look right - a little longer than usual.

Marc Jacobs Skinny Jeans and Citizens of Humanity Straight-Leg Jeans:


And finally, not too much red lipstick - always looks amazing with a white petit-bateau tee and dark-wash jeans!

Stay Chic (and French)!,

Chic in the City <3

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

School Outfits

I always obsess over what to wear to school, and instead of doing homework I end up trying to put together an outfit for an hour! Here's some easy outfits that you can wear to school in every weather (that you can recreate for cheaper versions).

This Little tank top is just so cute that I couldn't resist putting it on here (a little too impractical). But with the American Apparel sweatshirt below I'm sure you'll be cozy.


I am completely against Juicy Couture sweats, but this model looked so good in them I figured I'd give them a try. Also, for a long day at school don't you want to be comfy?

And finally adorable cheetah-print scoop ballet flats!

To sum up that outfit: A beautiful look-at-me top, a neutral sweater that matches, cute pants (if sweats, tailored and velvet), and little ballet flats (preferably patterened).

This second look is ideal for a day you're having a lot of tests. It is extremely comfortable and effortless, like you just rolled out of bed (stylishly, of course!)

Here's a beautiful long sweater with a neutral little cami underneath. The sweater is amazing because it's gorgeous but it's also a portable, wearable blanket!

Some black skinny jeans by the new uber-hip brand Nfy will give the look some polish.

And little velvet black ballet flats to complete the look! Black ballet flats can always make something look instantly chic!

To sum up this look: A little cami and long gorgeous sweater, chic black ballet flats, and black skinny jeans.

I love wearing dresses to school because they take little effort (just have to slip them on), and are a huge change from the basic jeans.

Here's a cute American Apparel white dress!, and make sure to wear it with brown leggings!

I'm obsessed with this chocolate leather bomber jacket. Although it's a splurge at almost $700, it's a wardrobe staple so it's definitely worth it.

And finally, brown boots.

And on an ending note, two adorable, adorable dresses!!!

The one below is a Marc Jacobs dress which is so cute - i love how it's a smock and it is a great raspberry color!

Now I'm off to make my own outfit for school! I have a test tomorrow, so I'm definitely thinking something twoards outfit #2! I hope I've made your lives a little easier!

Stay Chic!,

Chic in the City <3

Sunday, December 10, 2006


I've already made a winter wishlist, but there are many more adorable things that I feel as if I just need to have - and since I get presents on Hanukkah and Christmas, there will be plenty of time for presents!

I adore Audrey Hepburn. This book called, "Audrey Hepburn Treasures" has copies/remakes of letters she recieved, photos, birth certificates - that you can literally take out of the book.

I also love dark red nail polish. It always looks timeless and chic, and just a little bit edgy. Chanel's nail varnish manages to stay on for 2 weeks with no chips!

I just adore this little Chloe tote. The metallic/rough silver is such a versatile color.

There are going to be a ton of winter/new years parties this year, and what better to spread cheer with adorable, bright Marc Jacobs patent leather pumps? I love the little pink bow!

This Diane von Furstenberg top is also a great party-piece because it can easily be worn with jeans and little black ballet flats or even a little velvet skirt.

I'm always a last minute kind of gal - brushing hair while walking out the door, putting shoes on in the elevator... This Bobbi Brown shimmer brick and lip kit will allow me to put on all my makeup in the taxi - and since it's such a subtle, gorgeous glow there won't be any mess-ups!

I adore the store Scoop in NYC, however, you can also purchase their chic items on These cute little tweed ballet flats will be perfect for a long day at school, and I'm sure this metallic belt would look amazing over an oversized sweater.


I just can't get over how chic this Miu Miu jersey dress is. Navy blue is my favorite color, and I adore scoop necks - how could this dress get any better?

And finally, a new pair of jeans. Earnest sewn jeans are soo comfortable and the washes are amazing - so deep and fresh. I love this take on the cigarette pant.

It looks like I'll have to suck-up to my parents a lot more than I thought...

Stay Chic!,

Chic in the City <3

Saturday, December 9, 2006

An alternative to ShopBop

Although will always be my favorite shopping website (who can't resist their models, their insane collection of clothing, and their outfit picks?). However, I've been searching for other alternatives for a long time and nothing could satisfy me.That's why, when I got this issue of Lucky Magazine I was overjoyed with their hugee article on online websites for shopping! Here are some of my favorites:

at Kate Boutique (, there are soo many under-cover designers who haven't had their big break yet. And, there is everything from handbags to shoes to evening gowns to tanks and tees! I honestly can say that there wasn't one thing on this website that I didn't like. Here's some of my favorite picks.

I love the new-take on a regular blue striped Oxford from Nili Lotan. Fabulous!

How cute is this little blouse?

And a gorgeous evening gown and oversized clutch from Maria Bonita. Soo stunning!

Another website I love is! Although it was a little harder to find things, they have a ton of really cute stylish jackets and coats. It's definitely worth a look! Also, couture candy has stylist advice on their website and lots of tips on how to put outfits together!

I adore Vivienne Westwood - and this grey jacket with an unusual shape is just sooo chic and versatile.

Just a fun little dress that you could wear to a cocktail party (in a tropical climate, of course!).

Finally, who could forget Barneys? Most department store websites are a drag, but has lots of adorable stuff in an organized, cute web layout.

I adore the Bulga Handbag. The color can be casual or fancy, which is a must for an expensive bag!

And a silk kimono grey dress to match. Soo cute and chic, especially because it looks ultra-comfy!

And some other websites to check out are:


Stay Chic!,


Chic in the City <3

Friday, December 8, 2006

I said Brrr...It's Cold in Here

Since my school has a huge outdoor campus and I was trudging absolutely all of my belongings through New York City's streets within my school, I was freezing to death. I forgot that along with Christmas comes cold!! Here are some winter treats that will keep you warm in style:

I adore Betsey Johnson! Surely her gorgeous bright colors will cheer you up in even the dullest winter days!

Short sleeve cardigan:

And since it's only short-sleeved add an adorable Marc Jacobs oversized sweater to match!

Jeans are getting, gasp, must I say a little too chilly for winter! Although I will never give up my jeans, cute cigarette Vince cords are a good compromise (sometimes beauty shouldn't have to be painful):

I've always wanted a pair of Frye Boots, they're so well made and incredibly durable -- a lot of my friends wear them everday to school and they look even better with every wear! However, at a pricetag of $400, it looks like I'll have to ask my Mom for a pair... But can't a girl dream?

And finally, who could forget a jacket? I'm pretty sick of puff-coats (even though Gwenyth Paltrow can pull of a humongous black North Face with a tight cashmere dress and uggs - look for the issue of People's Style Watch), so why not try a cute coat? This bright blue hue is absolutely stunning:

And don't worry, I haven't forgotten the lucky girls who live in warm climates! Here are some of my favorite runway looks from this spring.

Chloe, my all-time favorite designer. I love how every one of her collections are fresh but still simple, classic, and elegant (with lots of different shapes and colors), here are two of my favorite spring looks:


Finally, I just adore Michael Kors' latest collection - as a dancer I loveee clothes that reflect ballerina styles! Cute, cute, cute!

Have a fabulous, fashionable weekend!

Stay Chic (and warm!!!),


Chic in the City <3