Saturday, February 17, 2007

Isaac Mizrahi!

Last week I went to Isaac Mizrahi's fashion show, which was absolutely stunning. And, I even got to miss some of school (because he's a friend)! The collection was gorgeous, but when I logged onto to look at the pics, I was really shocked. You cannot even imagine how much better the gowns are in person!! And, what I really love about this collection is that everything is so wearable, even though its couture! I also really liked the theme - it's called Frozen Spring. It combines the cuddly, cozy basics and layers of winter with spring florals, sparkles, and adorable cuts! And, the soundtrack of the show made everything even more enjoyable: it was a mix of eerie classical wintery-music, recordings of Audrey Hepbrun speaking, and some popular "hip hop" music.

Also, Katherine McPhee (who is gorgeous in real life!), Anna Wintour (the editor of Vogue, of course!), Mark Morris, and lots of famous models (and ex models) were at the show!

Here are some of my absolute favorite looks!

This dress is simply elegant - I also love the furry booties to match the delicate black lace on a stark white dress. I've seen this model in so many upcoming shows, too...

Not only do I adore this model, but the shrunken jacket with belt is absolutely genious. I also love the cut of the skirt and the wintery layers. I can so imagine wearing this to school in the fall!

This picture does no justice whatsoever to the dress. In person, the cut was absolutely amazing, and the color - a creamsicle ish hue - was soo much more elegant, eye-popping and not as neon-light esque! I smiled when I saw this dress, because it reminded me of the Isaac Mizrahi we all grew to love in the '90s...bright colors (pink, purple, orange) in unexpected combos and gorgeous cuts!

The beading on the sleeves are sooo gorgeous. Also, I really like the unexpected combo of jersey cloth and diamonds! So chic!

This was my favorite look. As soon as I saw it, I gasped!! It is my style in one outfit - the Chloe-esque factor, chic belt, amazing cardigan, gorgeous floral skirt...sleek blonde hair. Love!!!

This is a lot like the black jersey, but as a dress. I was holding my breath the whole time because the dress looked as if it was going to fall of the model any second!

I love the idea of tough white cigarette jeans paired with a floral chiffon bright colored top. Simply divine.

This dress cost $20,000 dollars to make --- some flowers were painted, some hand stitched, some silk-screened...enough said.

And here's the designer! The poor man was in a car accident a couple days before...but he looks great!

Stay Chic in the City!



P.S. Do you see the pink/orange/tan bright beach bags in the corner? All the guests got one! They're soo fun and gorgeous, not to mention HUGE and practical.