Monday, November 27, 2006

Wish List

The holidays are arriving, and since I celebrate both Hannukah and Christmas, I get double the gifts!!!
I can already tell that this post will be continued because there are soo many things I want!!
I was on the phone with my friend tonight, browsing websites and came up with some adorable things:

An Ella Moss top that can be worn with jeans, or dressed up with velvet pants. Love the braiding - so cute!


Although I'm not a huge Juicy Couture fan, their stuff has been amazingly chic, up-to-date, and oh-so-cute, that sadly enough, I can't resist myself!

This dress is a little grown-up, but I love the whole baby-doll look. I'm sure there's a fancy bar-mitzvah I can wear this to!


This is also such a cute cropped jacket that can be worn alone (with layers underneath), or under a jacket (it's not puffy). Also, I love how Juicy incorporated one of winter's biggest trends - chic plaid!


And, who could have a holiday wishlist WITHOUT makeup? Not me, of course! The first is Rosebud Salve -- one of the best inventions ever! I use it on my cheeks, lips, and even eyelashes! And, they just came out with a mint version, even though I'm not a mint kind of girl, I love to experiment! There is also a Nars "orgasm" kit which is just sooo cute. Adorable for everyone
(both from


Chic in the City

P.S. Does anyone else find this utterly addicting? Haha -- can't believe how I love this already!

Sweater Dresses

Although my school is full of fashion statements (it seems as if everyday is a competition for amazing UNIQUE outfits), one of the best trends that everyone has been experimenting is sweater dresses. Not only are they oh-so soft and comfy, but they are incredibly chic and french-like.

This Vince sweater dress, although expensive, is soo worth it.

Although this next dress isn't quite a sweater, I couldn't resist. I definitely would add a big belt to it - probably something suede and maybe red or purple?

Also, I'm not that much of a fan of "booties". Why not go with some wedge boots? I have a gorgeous pair of Michael Kors black suede lace wedges that would go perfectly with this dress!

Ever since Diane von Furstenberg (is that how you spell it?), and Donna Karan came out with simple, beautiful wrap dresses, they've been all over the market. Fortunately for us, they're now affordable! I just love this color too...

Who can't resist a wearing a dress without BALLET FLATS (the ultimate accessory!!)?
London Sole continues to make timeless, adorable pairs:

J. Crew also makes SUCH cute ballet flats. I lovee the brown suede ones (so chic!), but they're a little conservative...some fun crazy pairs are the bronze (so in) ballet lace-up flats! so cute!

from =

And just remember girls, avoid sweaters that just go to your waist (and leggings), no one wants to see your butt!
Stay Chic,

<3 Chic in the City

Sunday, November 26, 2006

Winter Looks

Every winter new looks are established and runway is transformed into REAL WAY (thank goodness). Here are some of my favorite winter looks:

Along with every winter, comes the oh-so-understated look of preppy-ness. Although I'm not a huge "prep" fan (actually, not in the slightest bit), I think Michael Kors comes up with a unique approach to the classic school girl look.

I absolutely adore the contrast of black and navy blue (although most say it clashes, I think it's divine). And, I think that the bright yellow and black tights with high heel loafers look amazing. Also, thanks for including a toggle/pea-coat, Mr. Kors! (picture taken from

I also loveee the look of layering. Chloe also incorporates my favorite hue of the season - GREY!! Chloe does it again, folks (no surprise there)!

My last look is from Proenza Schouler. Her looks are divinely casual, street-chic, and toughened-up. What makes this outfit work is the amazing black skinny jeans (LOVE!!), the smooth, chocolate brown leather coat, and the ballet flats. The jacket is amazing because it combines classic elegance to a rough coat by having a high-necked jacket. Bravo!

Chic in the City is BORN!

At last my own fashion blog ...

Let me ask you: If you lived in a city that eats, drinks, and sleeps in FASHION then why not take advantage of it?

You'd be out of your mind if you didn't!

This blog will be full of trends I'm noticing, clothes I adore, stylish icons, all inspired by my home, The Big Apple.

So, why not take advantage of that?

<3, Chic in the City