Monday, November 27, 2006

Wish List

The holidays are arriving, and since I celebrate both Hannukah and Christmas, I get double the gifts!!!
I can already tell that this post will be continued because there are soo many things I want!!
I was on the phone with my friend tonight, browsing websites and came up with some adorable things:

An Ella Moss top that can be worn with jeans, or dressed up with velvet pants. Love the braiding - so cute!


Although I'm not a huge Juicy Couture fan, their stuff has been amazingly chic, up-to-date, and oh-so-cute, that sadly enough, I can't resist myself!

This dress is a little grown-up, but I love the whole baby-doll look. I'm sure there's a fancy bar-mitzvah I can wear this to!


This is also such a cute cropped jacket that can be worn alone (with layers underneath), or under a jacket (it's not puffy). Also, I love how Juicy incorporated one of winter's biggest trends - chic plaid!


And, who could have a holiday wishlist WITHOUT makeup? Not me, of course! The first is Rosebud Salve -- one of the best inventions ever! I use it on my cheeks, lips, and even eyelashes! And, they just came out with a mint version, even though I'm not a mint kind of girl, I love to experiment! There is also a Nars "orgasm" kit which is just sooo cute. Adorable for everyone
(both from


Chic in the City

P.S. Does anyone else find this utterly addicting? Haha -- can't believe how I love this already!


jayne said...

hey! i got to your blog off of sophie's style! i love the juicy dress, i love how it's sophisticated, but not too old! and i love christmakah :), double the fun! good post, you have a nice wish list

*cAtHi* said...

ooh cute wish list. i used to do both but then when i had my bat mitzvah my parents decided to drop christmas :(. but we are gonna do stockings this year! yayy!

anyway, what do u find addicting? fashion blogging? cuz i certainly am addicted to these blogs

marinamode said...

Hi. Thanks for your comment on my blog. Are you interesting in a link exchange with my blog ?
Marina (from France)

Love Mel xoxoxo said...

ooo i have a rosebud strawberry lip balm i love it. smell delish.

S said...

sure, i wouldn't mind linking you

Tru said...

blogging is completly addicting, lol

marinamode said...

Hi. I had linked your blog. Please tel me when vous will do the same.

Anonymous said...

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