Sunday, November 26, 2006

Winter Looks

Every winter new looks are established and runway is transformed into REAL WAY (thank goodness). Here are some of my favorite winter looks:

Along with every winter, comes the oh-so-understated look of preppy-ness. Although I'm not a huge "prep" fan (actually, not in the slightest bit), I think Michael Kors comes up with a unique approach to the classic school girl look.

I absolutely adore the contrast of black and navy blue (although most say it clashes, I think it's divine). And, I think that the bright yellow and black tights with high heel loafers look amazing. Also, thanks for including a toggle/pea-coat, Mr. Kors! (picture taken from

I also loveee the look of layering. Chloe also incorporates my favorite hue of the season - GREY!! Chloe does it again, folks (no surprise there)!

My last look is from Proenza Schouler. Her looks are divinely casual, street-chic, and toughened-up. What makes this outfit work is the amazing black skinny jeans (LOVE!!), the smooth, chocolate brown leather coat, and the ballet flats. The jacket is amazing because it combines classic elegance to a rough coat by having a high-necked jacket. Bravo!


Anonymous said...

i lovee the proenza schoueler!! cute blog...

*cAtHi* said...

very cute blog! I'll totally link u. Gawd, you are so lucky that you live in NYC! I was born there but we moved when i was super young, so i dont even remember it. i visit a lot, but it's still not the same.

so lucky!

dusk&summer said...

I love the recent "tough chick" look lol and you living in NYC also makes me uber jealous :)