Wednesday, December 13, 2006

School Outfits

I always obsess over what to wear to school, and instead of doing homework I end up trying to put together an outfit for an hour! Here's some easy outfits that you can wear to school in every weather (that you can recreate for cheaper versions).

This Little tank top is just so cute that I couldn't resist putting it on here (a little too impractical). But with the American Apparel sweatshirt below I'm sure you'll be cozy.


I am completely against Juicy Couture sweats, but this model looked so good in them I figured I'd give them a try. Also, for a long day at school don't you want to be comfy?

And finally adorable cheetah-print scoop ballet flats!

To sum up that outfit: A beautiful look-at-me top, a neutral sweater that matches, cute pants (if sweats, tailored and velvet), and little ballet flats (preferably patterened).

This second look is ideal for a day you're having a lot of tests. It is extremely comfortable and effortless, like you just rolled out of bed (stylishly, of course!)

Here's a beautiful long sweater with a neutral little cami underneath. The sweater is amazing because it's gorgeous but it's also a portable, wearable blanket!

Some black skinny jeans by the new uber-hip brand Nfy will give the look some polish.

And little velvet black ballet flats to complete the look! Black ballet flats can always make something look instantly chic!

To sum up this look: A little cami and long gorgeous sweater, chic black ballet flats, and black skinny jeans.

I love wearing dresses to school because they take little effort (just have to slip them on), and are a huge change from the basic jeans.

Here's a cute American Apparel white dress!, and make sure to wear it with brown leggings!

I'm obsessed with this chocolate leather bomber jacket. Although it's a splurge at almost $700, it's a wardrobe staple so it's definitely worth it.

And finally, brown boots.

And on an ending note, two adorable, adorable dresses!!!

The one below is a Marc Jacobs dress which is so cute - i love how it's a smock and it is a great raspberry color!

Now I'm off to make my own outfit for school! I have a test tomorrow, so I'm definitely thinking something twoards outfit #2! I hope I've made your lives a little easier!

Stay Chic!,

Chic in the City <3


*cAt* said...
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*cAt* said...

cute cute cute! i love them all! ive been craving a pair of black skinnies, so i'll check that brand out! my fave outfit is number one! so cozy, so cute. and i'm a sucker for anything ballet or cheetah. So both? You had me at hello.

Womens Leather Coats said...

i love them all very cute