Saturday, December 9, 2006

An alternative to ShopBop

Although will always be my favorite shopping website (who can't resist their models, their insane collection of clothing, and their outfit picks?). However, I've been searching for other alternatives for a long time and nothing could satisfy me.That's why, when I got this issue of Lucky Magazine I was overjoyed with their hugee article on online websites for shopping! Here are some of my favorites:

at Kate Boutique (, there are soo many under-cover designers who haven't had their big break yet. And, there is everything from handbags to shoes to evening gowns to tanks and tees! I honestly can say that there wasn't one thing on this website that I didn't like. Here's some of my favorite picks.

I love the new-take on a regular blue striped Oxford from Nili Lotan. Fabulous!

How cute is this little blouse?

And a gorgeous evening gown and oversized clutch from Maria Bonita. Soo stunning!

Another website I love is! Although it was a little harder to find things, they have a ton of really cute stylish jackets and coats. It's definitely worth a look! Also, couture candy has stylist advice on their website and lots of tips on how to put outfits together!

I adore Vivienne Westwood - and this grey jacket with an unusual shape is just sooo chic and versatile.

Just a fun little dress that you could wear to a cocktail party (in a tropical climate, of course!).

Finally, who could forget Barneys? Most department store websites are a drag, but has lots of adorable stuff in an organized, cute web layout.

I adore the Bulga Handbag. The color can be casual or fancy, which is a must for an expensive bag!

And a silk kimono grey dress to match. Soo cute and chic, especially because it looks ultra-comfy!

And some other websites to check out are:


Stay Chic!,


Chic in the City <3


Elizabeth said...

i love all of them! I will have to check out that website. definately.

hautecouture said...

which lucky issue is this???

Elizabeth said...

haha, and thankyou for finding it! LOL

Sarah said...

the grey dress and grey bag are fabulous

Anonymous said...

i compltly agree, the grey bag and dress are so stylish

molly said...

oooh beautiful dress!

Sunniva said...

I adore that grey Bulga bag, and the Vivienne Westwood jacket! They are both very elegant and sophisticated.

Anonymous said...