Friday, December 8, 2006

I said Brrr...It's Cold in Here

Since my school has a huge outdoor campus and I was trudging absolutely all of my belongings through New York City's streets within my school, I was freezing to death. I forgot that along with Christmas comes cold!! Here are some winter treats that will keep you warm in style:

I adore Betsey Johnson! Surely her gorgeous bright colors will cheer you up in even the dullest winter days!

Short sleeve cardigan:

And since it's only short-sleeved add an adorable Marc Jacobs oversized sweater to match!

Jeans are getting, gasp, must I say a little too chilly for winter! Although I will never give up my jeans, cute cigarette Vince cords are a good compromise (sometimes beauty shouldn't have to be painful):

I've always wanted a pair of Frye Boots, they're so well made and incredibly durable -- a lot of my friends wear them everday to school and they look even better with every wear! However, at a pricetag of $400, it looks like I'll have to ask my Mom for a pair... But can't a girl dream?

And finally, who could forget a jacket? I'm pretty sick of puff-coats (even though Gwenyth Paltrow can pull of a humongous black North Face with a tight cashmere dress and uggs - look for the issue of People's Style Watch), so why not try a cute coat? This bright blue hue is absolutely stunning:

And don't worry, I haven't forgotten the lucky girls who live in warm climates! Here are some of my favorite runway looks from this spring.

Chloe, my all-time favorite designer. I love how every one of her collections are fresh but still simple, classic, and elegant (with lots of different shapes and colors), here are two of my favorite spring looks:


Finally, I just adore Michael Kors' latest collection - as a dancer I loveee clothes that reflect ballerina styles! Cute, cute, cute!

Have a fabulous, fashionable weekend!

Stay Chic (and warm!!!),


Chic in the City <3


Elizabeth said...

i love the marc jacobs sweater!!!! very cute

Haute Girl said...

that short sleeved cardigan is just adorable.

Anonymous said...

i love betsey johnsoN!!!!!!!

gabriella said...

um chloes a fashion house its not a designer. its actually designed by a team of people not just one person and it was headed by karl lagerfeild, stella mccartney and phoebe philo. it looks like you should get your facts straight before you go around calling chloe your favoirute fashio house...

Flashy_Shades said...

love those cords!


to gabriella -
thank you for informing me that chloe is a fashion house, and yes, obviously i know that. however, when i say that chloe is my favorite designer, i mean that the designs that come from the chloe label are my favorite!!! And btw, Paulo Melim Anderson is a major part of chloe designs. thanks for your close-examination of my blog - glad to see you like it so much.

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