Wednesday, December 6, 2006

America's Next Top Model!

I swear that I am ANTM's biggest fan. I watch every week (even skipping a little homework to do so...). Anyway, tonight's the finale!!! The final three contestants are Eugena, Melrose, and Caridee. Personally, I adore Carriedee and would LOVE to see her win! I think she looks so swedish/european, is hilarious, and has amazing cheekbones.

Here's Carrie-Dee:

And Eugena who's also gorgeous:

And finally, Melrose:

However, I still love my favorite winner of ANTM: Yoanna House (who also hosts another one of my favorite TV shows, The Look for Less). Yoanna's cheekbones are crazzzzy and I just love her whole look, very high-fashion:

So, a toast to models! They may seem unimportant, and sometimes we may secretly despise them, but they're the ones who get us to buy the clothes (well, the really exceptional clothes can stand out on their own). But c'mon, it's nice to see a gorgeous person wearing something that you in turn could own!

Let's cross our fingers for Carrie-Dee!,

Stay Chic!,

<3 Chic in the City


Elizabeth said...

I AM SO MAD I HAVE A BAND CONCERT TONIGHT SO I CAN'T WATCH THE FINALE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I wish meg was still in it though. she was cool.

i think it's pretty obvious melrose is going to win. the judges love her, and everyone else hates her. I wish luck to caridee though!!! :)

Candid Cool said...

personally i think the show has gone downhill since the 2nd/3rd season. but i think yoanna was the best win and one of the few successful winners from the show. i wish yoanna would go back to her short hair, but the long hair makes her look more "girl next door" for the LFL show.

babedoll said...

i love americas next top model!!! and elizabeth that sux u have a band concert!!!!!! also i loveed meg she was so cool (liked the rock and roll thing) lol

Flashy_Shades said...

hoorah for caridee!

S said...

of course caridee won, would they really let melrose win?

Anonymous said...

WOW... they are all so pretty and i'm a big fan of "America's Next Top Model".