Sunday, December 17, 2006

Bon Voyage!

Since I'm leaving for Espana Thursday, I'm getting pretty pumped - already thinking about packing (clothing, clothing, clothing), and more importantly, plane-wear. But before I go into full-throttle outfit mode, here is one fab beyond fab website to get you excited for vacation too (even if that means staying at home in your P.J.'s watching back-to-back episodes of Desperate Housewives, Style Network, and Emeril).

Daily Candy. Where do I even begin? This is basically the most entertaining, helpful website ever. I don't know how I'd live without it. It has a London, LA, New York, Chicago, Seattle (the list goes on and on) edition - and it tells you A-List places to hang out (whatever your budget may be). It also has amazing info like fashion tips, new beauty meccas, and the scoop on your favorite bookstores, bus stops, body shops, etc. ! And, don't fret my dears, Daily Candy has a new "Travel Section" so even if you don't live in one of the prescribed regions ... you can search where you live in the Travel Section in their archives and it will still give you info! And wait, I'm forgetting the best part... you can sign up to have a free email sent to you almost every day concerning all of this info!!

And some plane essentials:

A cozy cashmere dress to make your flight comfy - especially if it's a red-eye flight!

Some adorable leggings to match - if you're going from a cold climate to a warm one, pull them off just as you're landing and voila - your set for the weather!

And a cozy camel cashmere sweater to match - perfect for a long ride.

Now, I'm sorry to all of the Ugg-Haters out there, but I must say, Uggs are the pefect travel accesory - soo insanely comfy (at least you can't deny that) - and they're easy to run around in the airport in.

I don't think I'd be able to last a long plane ride without a little pot of gloss! This Benefit Benetint Jar is great - it can also be put on cheeks and gives just the warmest, lightest glow. I adore! (And yes, I checked, now you're allowed to take gloss on planes!)

Why not stash it away in an adorable carry-all chocolate brown tote?

And finally, I couldn't survive without my junky magazines. I adore lucky - they always have perfect chic outfits for every occasion! And why not have fun plastering there "yes", "no", "maybe" stickers on siblings? (well, maybe that's a don't...)

Remember to trvael in style and of course, to stay chic!,

Chic in the City <3


Flashy_Shades said...

i just want to be wrapped in that cashmere dress immediately

Anonymous said...

me too on the cashmere dress!!

Elizabeth said...

my goodness you are lucky!

I know, Ugg boots really are the most compfertable thing to wear for a plane ride... I love mine

coco said...

i love the leggins. and the dress. have a good time.

wendy said...

have fun in spain!! and i loove those stickers in lucky... hahah, its a wonder that i havent completely abused them by plastering the "yes"s over everything... i actually manage to rationalize and use some "maybe"s!

mode entichée//fashion infatuated** said...

have fun in spainnnn!!
that's where your going right?
i need five of those cashmere dresses immediatly,
right now,
extremely urgently

Tru said...

se diverte en espana [have fun in Spain]

cashmere dress = perfection

Elizabeth said...

wow you know people!

Touche19 said...

cashmere dress = love
and I've always wanted to try that gloss!

coco said...

thank you for voting, ill post the winners in a few days.

Dinah said...

Daily Candy is so great. I love cashmere and I wish all my sweaters where made out of it!

*cAt* said...

im totally gonna check out that website! ooh have fun in spain, make sure you take tons of pictures of cute outfits!!! i so am gonna get some of that gloss too!!

lauren said...

Spain - wow, lucky girl! Have fun.
I'll have to check out that website, as well.

Alison said...

ugh i'm so jealous! happy travelling!

LiZZiE said...

wow, that sibling idea sounds fun. [maybe I should try it...] oh, and have fun in spain!

Dior Baby said...

hope you have a nice trip! I think plane trips are the one time that haters can be forgive you for wearing uggs... sooo comfortable...

Sunniva said...

Uggs are so comfy, I absolutely treasure mine!

Just thought I'd let you know that "The Big Style Icon Hunt" is going on on my blog. Right now it is Mary Kate Olsen vs. Ashley Olsen, so if you like any of their styles and you want to vote for one of them, then check it out. It will be much appreciated =D

*big hugs*