Monday, January 1, 2007

Spanish Style - Do's and Dont's

I just got back after a long plane ride from Spain, and after collapsing into my cozy bed and pulling out my laptop and turning up my iPod speakers (Norah Jones, of course - I needed to set a relaxing mood), I decided that I was way over due a blog!

So the beginning of my trip to Spain went as planned - rushed to the airport, bought the entire Magazine shop, stocked up on candy, and cuddled up with my cashmere sweater in my plane seat. Suddenly, I turned to the woman two seats down - she was covered in a humongous fur coat and a little fur hat - it was hysterical, and I had to take a picture of it for all of you! As I peered into my camera was not there!! I had forgotten it -- it devestated me. So here's some fashion do's and dont's that I witnessed firsthand in the marvelous, gorgeous, glamorous Spain! Enjoy!

Do wear evening-wear during the day, as teenagers in Spain sported. Jewel Tones, gowns, silk gloves - anything goes. Make sure to grunge it up a bit by adding sneakers, headbands, sweatshirts, and the fabulous color grey. Some evening looks:

What I loved about Spain was that no one seemed slighltly concerned with other's opinions - and that anything goes (for everything). I saw a girl strutting around town in a green-jewel-town evening gown with Converse hightops...and it reminded me of this spread in Spanish Elle.

Do step up your style with simple touches of grey - or a whole grey outfit (different shades of course). If there was one look that I had to say was most popular in Spain this would come second...literally every other girl I passed when I was shopping was completely layered out in GREY.

This little cropped jacket is so cute - and versatile. You can pair it with a tank for school, and high heels for going out at night!

A grey tweed skirt is a classic - and I saw many Spanish girls wearing super short ones (really cute). But they also had lots of layers - so it transformed the look to a bit edgy, incredibly cozy, and not slutty at all (though I'm a sucker for mini skirts).

Don't ever think that it is okay to walk around town in an obvious wig (unless its neutral and matches your complexion and you need it). How bad could your current hair be that you have to cover it up with plastic? The most shocking thing about Spain was that every street - no matter if it was a Fancy High Street in front of Gucci and Agatha Ruiz de la Prada - I would see a person wearing a very obvious wig (rainbow, spiked, green, you get the idea...)

Do wear different textured leggings - cut outs, wool, cheetah - under winter bermuda shorts. Before I went to Spain, I have to confess, I wasn't a fan of this look. But the Spanish teens I saw pulled it off - and convinced me to try it too. This was definitely the #1 popular look in Spain - especially with wool plaid shorts and purple wool tights.

Such adorable shorts from one of my favorite Spanish stores, Mango (available online too!)

I also adore these grey wool bermuda shorts.

Some funky leggings to wear too:

Do wear a little fur (faux's great too!) - a shawl, gloves, ear-muffs. But don't ever wear fur head to toe - hardly anyone can pull it off (sorry, your grandma can't either).

I love this look from Spanish elle - a gorgeous simple black evening gown and then a little fur shawl to spice the look up. It looks young and fresh and cool - even combining fur.

This look is absolutely awful. I like fur coats on older women - when they're shearling or truly in good taste (with the coat being the only fur element), but I hate fur head-to-toe on younger people - it automatically ages you 20 years!

Do strut your stuff in gorgeous suede boots. Whether they're pointy, flat, wedged - it doesn't matter. Preferably a chocolate, charcoal, or black, suede boots make any outfit look timeless and trendy at the same time. Invest in a great pair of boots!

These slouchy boots (a favorite Spanish look) are from Spain's most prized upscale department store - El Corte Ingles!

Or a more structured suede boot from Bloomy's!

Some Spanish Tips:

Although I spent a ridiculous time shopping in Spain (i'll post some of my purchases tomorrow!), my favorite store was Zara. I definitely recommend checking it out online - since I couldn't copy and paste or save the pics from the website. Their clothes are just so fabulous...and even though they have some in the States, it DOES NOT compete with Spain's version. Trust me.

The one thing that Spanish girls have that American girls don't is a huge amount of confidence. As corny as it sounds, tons of confidence automatically makes an outfit look glam and amazing.

Lastly, here are some amazing Spanish looks that I hope will inspire you:

The Spanish adore short things - and sparkly outfits (on New Years the whole room was glittering - women wore so many sequins!)

And another adorable short dress for daytime from the Spanish store Mango:

Here's a gorgeous photo at sea from a recent Spanish Elle photoshoot. I love the wintery layering.

And finally, I couldn't help it. This picture just epitomizes what I was talking about - Spanish Girl Confidence - this model won't let a boy stand in her way! And yes I know, the fur is ridiculous. But don't you think a model can pull of almost anything?

Stay Chic!

<3 Chic in the City


Anna said...

Wonderful post! I always love to learn about the style in other countries

Anonymous said...

i love the last picture - so funny!

alluretone said...

ew, people were wearing wigs? gross.

i love the red dress and the boots.

coco said...

fabulous post.
i have linked you to my blod. sorry it has taken so long. those are some lovely shorts as well. im addicted to shorts.

notesandtotes said...

you do NOT live in new york!

no fair!

what part?

Love Mel xoxoxo said...

omg i looove mango and zara. nice post. i wish i could just go around the world and take pics of wat ppl are wearing.

molly said...

wow loooove the suede boots...and that red dress!
haha that last picture is so crazy!

*cAt* said...

great post! all your ideas will definitly inspire me.

Tru said...

welcome back, great post. love the wool bermuda shorts though I don't think I;d like leggings under them, tights perhaps

Anonymous said...

Great post!
I liked all the Do's and Don'ts
And i really liked the short skirt.

Dior Baby said...

That wig is just NASTY! I love your blog and I've linked to it :)

sarissa said...

fantastic blog- love it! you must be like super-lucky, i didn't think many americans went to europe, i heard it was super-expensive. I'm from the UK, and spend 6 weeks in Spain through the summer and about a month altogether in small trips throughout the year to spain(we go a lot) and have got to say: they might claim that the french have the best fashion sense, but they're wrong. If you've actually ever BEEN to france (which, again not to boast butI have been to a bazillion times since its about 3 hours drive away from me here) you'd know that that rulke only applies to the very very rich in Paris: otherwise, it's one of the very worst fashion senses there is, and tha Spanish for sure take the crown.

as well as creating and pulling off a wgole bunch of fantastic looks, they are able to do most fashion tricks because of their amzing hispanic colouring and shapes...
basically what im trying to say is: I ♥ Spain! and fashion, and, as it happens, your blog's pretty well up-there too. Kudos to you!

tiffanysprincess said...

i love the leggings and the boots ... not my style but i can see on my best friend

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