Thursday, January 4, 2007

Modern Marchesa

Recently I've been looking in fashion magazines and all of the dresses I've been pointing to have been the beautiful works of none other than...MARCHESA! Their gowns are simply devine, colors are radient, and the cuts make stars look absolutely stunning. (Sienna Miller is a huge fan - so who's complaining?)

Although I wasn't allowed to save or copy/paste from the lovely Marchesa website, here's the link so you can discover some of their gorgeous creations. If you go under collections to the AW 06-07 Notte Part, the second dress (a deep purple silk) and the 4th dress (another purple but washed out) and the 7th dress (a short black flapper number) are definitely worth checking out. Here's the link: marchesa

Here's some of my favorites:

This sparkly little number is simply irrisistable!

This red and gold frock has such an adorable cut - and looks really comfortable too!

I love the mod feel this dress gives off - thanks to the mirros on top of the adorable empire waist.

This gown is just so flattering and luminescent - it gives off a gorgeous glow (even though it's black!)

This gown is just so gorgeous and hippy-esque, no wonder Sienna couldn't keep her hands off of it! Doesn't it look just so flowy and understated? I love!

Doesn't this dress look familiar? Sienna Miller wore it as well (except, without pants!). It looked absolutely stunning on her - and she wore it with soft hair and makeup. That's why this dress is so versatile - it can go from straight off the "punk" runway to sexy and chic.

The minute Sienna came out with this dress on, it was a hit. It's so famous because the cut is great, the glitter is couldn't be any better.

Isn't Marchesa just to die for? In a sea of runway looks that are just utterly hard to pull of Marchesa's lines of dresses always steal the show.

Stay Chic!,

<3 Chic in the City


*cAt* said...

fabulous dresses! i love the red and gold one the best. to die for.

Elizabeth said...

I LOVE the second one!

Dior Baby said...

the red dress is amazing!!!

Anonymous said...

sienna miller is sooo stunning!

Tru said...

cool post

morgan said...

glad you like my blog!

your blog is really interesting, and i love your style!

i'll be sure to add you to my list of favorite blogs!


Regina and Renee said...

wow...those dresses are too DIE for! sienna has such amazing fashion sense....if only i was soo gifted....:) check out our blog. we just started it. just trying to get it out there. he he he. ill be checking up on this blog!! xoxo


alluretone said...

oo number 3 and 4 are to die for.. droooool.

S said...

love love love. nothing is better than a goregous flowy dress to wear to any dressed up occasion

Love Mel xoxoxo said...

i agree wif almost everyone who said the gold and red dress is amaaazing! coz it is!

morgan said...

haha! its my job to find the deals

it's a great coat

Cool Like Chloe said...

i love the name "marchesa"

Anonymous said...

Wow, those are some gorgeous dresses! I particularly like that black one.

I also love a lot of Sienna's dresses - I think that last gold one is Burberry though, not Marchesa.