Saturday, January 6, 2007


I know that this is a fashion blog, but there's something around New Years that I just love...the idea that you get to start fresh. So I figured, why not dedicate a post to makeovers? After the first week of school (or for us lucky ducks who still haven't gone back), it's nice to have a day of beauty to rejeuvenate ourselves for a new start. So, here's some tips for a truly relaxing, blissful, amazing beauty day!

Get Started:

Books are the #1 way to learning great beauty tips!! I couldn't figure out how to work my scanner (anyone know?), but here's some fabulous books that really help.

This is the beauty bible. It has tips on everything - how to put on eyeliner, how to get rid of under-eye bags (really!), how to give an amazing facial, how to wax your eyebrows...

This book has a list of what to buy (from really cheap to super expensive) for any beauty thing you need. It's sooo helpful!

Usually for makeovers you think really relaxing, mellow music...but I like just the opposite! I like watching up beat "makeover movies" (I get bored easily...). Here are some of my all time faves:

Seeing Britney Murphy morph into a gorgeous girl? Classic. This movie is just so hysterical and fun.

I never get bored of seeing Anne Hathaway turn into a beauty right before our eyes...even though there are many attempts!


Finally, the makeover part! I start every relaxing "spa day" in a hot bath or shower.

This is some of my favorite body wash from L'Occitane. It's so soothing and relaxing and the scent is soo delicious.

Then rub on some lotion - with a tangy pink grapefruit scent.

Afterwards, it's time for some much needed coziness. Wrap up in a fluffy robe, put your hair back in a messy bun, and get ready to apply a facemask.

In the book "Allure: Confessions of a Beauty Editor" here's the step-by-step facial 101:

1, Apply Scrub: Pull hair back and off the face with a headband. Wash with your usual cleanser to remove dirt, oil, and makeup, rinsing the skin well and then lightly patting it dry. Drop four chamomile tea bags into a large saucepan of water, and while waiting for it to come to a boil, apply an exfoliating scrub with fruit enzymes like papaya.

2, Steam Skin: Once the water is boiling, remove the pan from the heat. Hold your face more than one foot above it, close your eyes, and create a tent over our head with a towel. After three to five minutes, rinse off the exfoliant with warm (not hot) water, and gently blot the skin dry. Apply a face mask taht's suited to your complexion - one with hyaluronic acid or glycerin for dry skin, sulfur fora cne, clay for oily skin, and antidioxidents for normal or combination.

3, Moisturize: Relax until the mask is ready to be removed (check the label for suggested time), then rinse it off thoroughly, and blot witha towel. While skin is still damp, rub on a thin layer of your everyday moisturizer - oil free for oily and combination skin, a richer formula for dry skin. If possible, wait six to eight hours to put on makeup.

So, here are my favorite must-need ingredients for this procedure!

As they said in the beginning, apply a fruity facial scrub. My favorite is Kiehl's Pineapple/Papaya Facial Scrub - it smells amazing and isn't too hard on your skin!

Origins 10-Minute Face Mask works wonders because it gets rid of zits, and even moisturizes dry skin as well!

Afterwards, apply Clinique's tonor, Clarifying Lotion 2. It tingles a little but feels amazing aftwerwards!

Lastly, apply a really gentle cream (your skin has just gone through a scrub, mask, and toner!). My favorite is Aveeno Ultra-Calming Daily Moisturizer.

After I do all this, I usually go out to get my nails done (or just do them myself). A really glamorous, long-lasting nail polish is Essie in "Bordeaux"!

Stay Chic (and relaxed)!,

Chic in the City <3


coco said...

i love clueless and bridget jones too, and have been known to watch the princess diaries, people used to laugh about it but now anne hathaway is a big movie star i think theyre jelous i spotted her talent before them.
you arte very lucky your mum is an ebay pro!

Anonymous said...

i have the book allure: confessions of a beauty editor!! it's SO good!

Elizabeth said...

I want to get that Allure book now!

Ok, since this took me a long long long long time to figure out, I am going to try and help you as best as I can.

(If you don't already have the new version of blogger. I thought I did, but it turns out I didn't. but just check to be sure)

1)Log into blogger, then go to your dashboard. look arround on your dashboard for something that says "Go beta" or "upgrade" ( i cant remember exactly wat it says). Then clikc on that and upgrade. You must have a google account, so if you don't MAKE ONE.

2)Click on layout, then go to edit HTML.


Go to that (^) website and follow their instructions. If you want to change your background, go to the blogger toolbar at the top of the beta blogger for dummies page and search "change your background", then click on "how to add a picture to background". Make sure, if you want it to be a background that covers your whole blog, change repeat: no-repeat to repeat: y

If you need more help just ask me! I feel your pain.

lauren said...

I would love to trade links!

Some of those books look really good - I want them!

Dior Baby said...

I love that L'Occitane stuff! I must get a copy of that Allure book, it sounds wonderful!

*cAt* said...

ooh great makeover/spa day ideas. i love princess diaries! ooh another good movie to wactch would be miss congeniality! love that movieee!

Tru said...

I love those movies, especially Clueless. The scene when they accidently merge on to the free way is priceless.

Alison said...

yay for makeovers, and bridget jones!!!

molly said...

good post idea!
i loooove clueless

bruce springsteen is too hot, but hes in his fifties...
so i just posted him

Maddy said...

Clueless and Bridget Jones are two of my most secretly favorite movies. What can I say? I have a weakness for makeover montages.

Elizabeth said...

good, hopefully it helps! I know I had a bunch of trouble with it...

true supermodel said...

I love Essie's bordeaux nail polish too. Its red but not a very bright stop the traffic red.

Tapupartforpres said...

Yea Clueless is such a good movie. Crave Beauty Care Products and Makeup

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The Fashion for Less said...

I totally agree! :-D Whenever Anne gets to have a makeover, she's just beautiful, really beautiful.

Her best makeover movie would have to be, yes, The Princess Diaries. What a transformation! OH, and don't forget Devil Wears Prada. She looked fabulous!
The Fashion for Less

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