Sunday, January 7, 2007

The Look for Less

Inspired by one of my favorite T.V. shows, "The Look for Less" (with Yoanna House), I decided to take some of my favorite designer looks and transform them into outfits you might even be able to pull off in public (whether that's for school, a party, or picking up your little sister from Girl Scouts'). However, when I went to ShopBop and saw all of the gorgeous cocktail dresses they had (check it out: SHOPBOPCOCKTAILDRESSES), I had to improvise.

I absolutely adore the brand DSquared2, it definitely reminds me of Betsey Johnson (with boy fashion designers). The designs are practical, adorable, fun, and colorful. This year, tho, DSquared2 toned their look down (just a tad)...but I ended up loving it even more!

Two beyond fabulous DSquared2 looks:

This one just screams out "I AM NAUTICAL CHIC!" to me. This look reminds me of why I take such care into putting together outfits (well, sometimes...), I really think that this is the epitomy of happy-go-lucky/modern girl chic.

This look is so flirty, fresh, and fun!

To get the second DSquared2 look for a fraction of the price, buy these items:

The white shorts are very essential to getting this look - they have the cut of a bermuda (straight), but are much shorter. J. Crew is an amazing place to look for bascics - it has EVERYTHING in EVERY color, and all the clothes have excellent quality. Also, check out their sales online!

And a classic white button-up from J. Crew as well - that will be used for layering in the DSquared2 look.

Next comes the blue jacket to edge the look up - instead of going with a tailored jacket I went with a slouchy blue C and C California.

Next comes that adorable skinny belt, which just really makes this outfit pop. Although I couldn't find a structured BRIGHT BLUE skinny belt, this belt works because it shadows the slouchy sweatshirt and is the perfect color.

Next off is the jangly chunky bangles. Usually I hate Claire's, but I found the perfect bracelets (they look so chic) and they're only $6.50! However, here are real gold bangles from ShopBop that, although at $185 are pretty cheap for gold.

The gorgeous Claire's bracelets:

and the ShopBop ones:

Finally, the funky scarf to add more blue color to our white canvas. The sequins give our outfit a must needed boho-edge.

And lastly, the bright red chunky wedges. A perfect way to end an outfit!

I always look enviously at Chanel cocktail dresses - they're always timeless and simple with gorgeous cuts and perfect shades of black. So, I went out on a hunt to try to find a Chanel outfit for less - and ended up doing pretty well!

Here's the beautiful Chanel dress:
alt=""id="BLOGGER_PHOTO_ID_5017341246528437730" />

And here's a Development dress that matches it perfectly - the upper half cut, the bow, the flowiness...I have to say I almost like the cheaper dress more!

And some adorable Marc Jacobs peep toe flats (like the Chanel runway) to match!:

I think that Alberta Ferreti's spring collection was taken right out of a fairy tale - dewy, lush colors. Weightless, chiffon-y fabrics, bejeweled accesories... It made me want to curl up with one of her dresses as I read Cinderella! Here are two dresses that are light-weight and showcase the new hot color for Spring - a light, luminous blue.

and here's the second one:

Now, the Look for Less! I really adore this dress - the empire waist cut, the bias drawn silk blue trimming. And, better yet, it exemplifies the Alberta Ferrerti dream - with the lightweight "tissue paper fabrics" and the sea blues!

(the dress is Development)

Stay Cheap and Chic!,

Chic in the City <3


Anonymous said...

that last development is so cute. i realllly love it.

Tru said...

love the last dress, good choices

Elizabeth said...

I love the last dress, and those red wedges! They're adorable. :)

Regina and Renee said...

omgsh i luv the pics!! those are some cute fashions! very nice blog. i will keep checking up on ur blog, its really cute!


molly said...

yoanna house....americas next top model, right?

Lulu Fruitloops said...

love it alll!
cute blog btw...


yea yoanna house won the first season!

*cAt* said...

oooh great post! i love the last dress, the chanel dress, and the red wedges. i will so check out DSquared2.... too. (lol)

Robert Vandenbego said...

Really beautiful post!
kisses ;0)

Robert Vandenbego
Madrid, Spain

molly said...

awww i love prince!

Candid Cool said...

those red wedges are amazing!

Cool Like Chloe said...

i love those j crew shorts and the development dress. ahah so does everyone else

coco said...

wow you've found some really good alternatives.
great wedges.

sarissa said...

that yoanna's from america's next top model aint she? i love that show! and nice blog, i am kind of a shoe addict!
wantt to trade links?

A said...

I have those J Crew shorts, in every color of the rainbow :D
I love them

muze1990 said...

You did a great job & I like your blog very much!

Robert Vandenbego said...

Really beautiful!
Regards! ;0)

Robert Vandenbego
Madrid, Spain

Haute Girl said...

the look for less is a great show.

alluretone said...

wow, the dress match for chanel is very close, but i still like the chanel one better. thoes peeptoe flats from mj are adorable and the first dress from alberta ferretti- amazinggg!

My Teen Vogue said...

i love the channel dress. said...

The Dsquared2 really looks fantastic it really blends with the others...

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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The Fashion for Less said...

Love the last dress (so does everybody else in here)... It's something any celebrity would wear on their day out. Imagine owning something like that blue dress and the next day, you find out Taylor Swift or Miley Cyrus is wearing the same outfit as you. :)
The Fashion for Less