Tuesday, January 16, 2007

The Golden Globes!

First of all, I'd like to start off by saying im utterly embarrased that I haven't posted in more than a week...I'm so sorry! I've just had so much work in school...

The Golden Globes is my favorite award show ever because it includes all my favorite stars in one mix - music, TV, acting, etc. Also, I was shocked at all the people that ended up coming (except Jennifer Aniston! Probably because of Brad and Angelina...). Here are some of my favorite looks, but I would've loved to put every single gown in!

Here's my absolute favorite look of the night - I almost gasped when I saw Reese Witherspoon - she is one of my favorite actresses and she always seems so adorable, friendly, and simplistic chic. This Nina Ricci dress just makes her glow.

I love Sienna Miller and I think that this Marchesa dress is fabulous, but the hair is overkill for me. Suttle beachy waves would've been gorgeous, but the Heidi braids are too cutesy, though, Sienna is always beautiful!

I think Sarah Jessica Parker looks soo amazing in this nude/pinky dress. It really makes her glow and I think that it's just so flattering and simple, and the cut looks really fresh and modern.

Although most people think Cameron Diaz looks disgusting lately, I love her new brown hair (even though I miss her blonde days), and I think this Valentino dress, although not my favorite and something I'd never wear - just, well, works. She really pulled it off.

Penelope Cruz always looks absolutely stunning and this simple black dress shows off her curves in the best way possible.

Rachel Weisz looks radient in this red dress by Bill Blass - I love the little empire waist hanging detail, and the long floaty cut looks great on her!

And Here's Some of My Not-So-Favorites:

Angelina - I never thought I'd see you look not gorgeous. This dress really brings her down...although I adore the color grey, for the Globes it's just not acceptable - unless the fabric is loud or if it's shiny (silver). However, Brad looks adorable as always!

Usually I adore Chloe Sevigny's artistic "no-no's", but by being boring and not taking a risk, she actually made herself look awful! I also really hate this patterend YSL vintage dress (even though I loveee YSL).

Go to style.com and check out these other fabulous dresses (Beyonce, Meryl Streep and her daughter, Helen Mirren)

Stay Chic!

Chic in the City <3


coco said...

i liked what angelina wore. i think it suited her, a brave choice of colour too. if only other people had been a bit more daring this year. i thought it was all rather dull. resse witherspoon and sienna miller looked good however.

Tru said...

I don;t dislike camerons hair I just prefer her blonde...love sjp

Miss V. said...

You've posted all my favourites. I'm tempted to wear a long dress like those to my graduation dinner!

morgan said...

Yeah target has been amazing for designer finds... and i was soooo close to buying one of those cashmere sweaters!

i'll be waiting for the doors to open when proenza schouler debuts!


molly said...

i agree about sienna: love the dress but dislike the hair

aubrey said...

i LOVED reese's dress too. she always looks so girl-next-door but chic at the same time.

thanks for your cool blog! i hope it's ok that i commented...

Lindsay Pomeroy said...

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Mae said...

I love Sarah Jessica Parker's outfit... :-) She always looks good in anything!