Sunday, December 3, 2006

TopShop to the Rescue!

My family always goes to London twice a year (when I'm lucky, more!) - and each visit I constantly nag my mom to drag me to all different TopShops - they're my obession. They have everything (swimwear, shoes, bags, belts, lingerie, jackets) - and in original, adorable cuts and patterns! TopShop even has a vintage section, which although is expensive, is completely worth it. There have been rumors of a TopShop opening in New York City (I was excited at first, then mad because I won't have original clothes from TopShop anymore). However, it still hasn't opened! As we're all waiting for TopShop's grand opening to the USA, here are some gorgeous things to ease the process:

How adorable is this jacket? I love the sportiness to it. Super cute!

I also adore this jacket. I love the bright, spontaneous color and the huge mod buttons. Well done, TopShop!

This wrap dress is just a tad reminiscent to one of my favorites - cheetah print! It's also in a soft, jersey fabric which is a huge PLUS!

Here's another fabulous dress. I adore scoop necks, and this one isn't too low or high. Also, doesn't the fabric look to-die for?

This belt would look super-cute belted at the waist of the dress above! :

This boxy cardigan in a bright yellow is such a cute addition to any wardrobe. It would look absolutely fabulous with a little white tee and jeans, or dressed up with a pencil skirt. I love, love, love it! :

And if you want to dress it up, here's a beautiful wool pencil skirt (i've been looking for one!), and perfect metallic ballet flats!:

And just some fun stuff that I really couldn't resist:

This hand-bag is SOO cute. I actually think I'm going to spend a lifetime of allowance on it (everything in pounds is double in US dollars!) :

And finally, let me know what you think of these boots. think they're cute... But I Don't love the roucheing...

Have an amazing Sunday (tear, tear mine's filled with homework)...
I think I'm going to sneak out shopping with a friend!
Wish me luck...


Stay Chic - <3, Chic in the City


Anonymous said...

i really like the pencil skirt. its cool.

Marissa said...

I also love Top Shop, unfortunately I can't afford it or get to London, but I do admire it from across the ocean. That yellow cape/jacket is amazing.

fashionista girl said...

yeah i cant afford top shop either but i love all of that stuff!!
btw -- is top shop opening on fifth avenue?

sarissa said...

i know this is an old blog but i just was looking through all your posts and stumbled on this one- i live in the uk, and i HAVE to say we are soo lucky, tbh most girls in britain live and breathe topshop and i love it. you can find a thousand outfits in there, it's amazing, though while you are lucky to have clothes from there when noone else you know does, it an kinda get a bit annoying here when every single girl looks the same - like they've just been churned out of a topshop factory. timeless store though,, perfect, basically, amazing.

the flagship store on oxford-and-bond street corner though, is the only one that good. the vintage section is to die for, but that isn't in any other uk stores sadly. I always go a bit nuts when im in london!! x