Saturday, December 2, 2006

Vacation - Got to Get Away

Pretty soon it's Christmas Time, and everyone's going away...including me. This year we're going to Spain (in the country side/in Barcelona) and I'm really excited because it's my first time! As I've been investigating what to wear, I've been thinking about all the other vacations my friends are going to: Aspen, London, and Bermuda. So this post I've decided to make an outfit for each place! Enjoy and wherever you go (even if that means just to your grandparent's house), stay chic and stylish!

To stay warm and cozy by the fire in Aspen wear:
an adorable pair of Earnest Sewn jeans:

which would like utterly fabulous tucked into a pair of uggs:

and a soft, silky cashmere sweater to match?

who wouldn't want a marc jacobs coat and a fabulous gold chain to top the whole outfit off?

And for a hot, relaxing stay at a resort in Bermuda why not wear:

a cute cover-up!: And, why not go bare foot? It's bermuda after all! If you're a stickler for shoes, basic navy or white Havianas will do the trick!

and a sexy, effortless Marc Jacobs bikini. (what's that, do i hear ADORABLE?)

For an amazing stay in Spain wear:

Be absolutely funky in grey skinny jeans and a to-die-for top:

Since Spain isn't too cold in the winter time, just add a little boxy jacket and you're good to go:

But don't forget satin navy blue ballet flats!:

And for a night at the theater in London:

an amazing outfit (put together by shopbop!) that i saw when I was browsing (TOO CUTE!):

and to throw it all together in a glam-evening look add an adorable princess coat!:

Have fun wherever you're destination may be (gawd, i sound like an American Airlines flight attendant...)


Stay Chic!


Tru said...

everything was great except the uggs, god those things are god awful offense, just my personal opinion

Alison said...

omg that princess coat is AMAZING!!! and i'm trying to buy a pair of uggs, but i can't find them anywhere! where do u buy them?

molly said... antm! haha

have a great time.
youll definitely be looking chic!

Liz said...

i love your blog can we exchange links?

visit mine @

Flashy_Shades said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE the coats! nice picks!


haha...believe it or not i was a huge non-uggs fan until this year! it's completely against my fashion beliefs...the whole jappy thing goiung on. but, a really stylish person i admire at school makes them look chic and recently i adore them toned down with skinnies and cashmere sweater and punked up with some hardcore jewelery...haha


ooo also alison -- you can easily get uggs on (search uggs) or if you live in NYC at Tip Top Shoes. Tho, if you want them cheap (theyre like $200!!), get them on Ebay! goodluck! xoxo

Liz said...

hey, thanks for adding me! i added you too just to.

I think you got my blog address wrong though, because I tried clicking on the link and it wouldn't work.

i love uggs, i have a look-a-like pair from American Eagle because the real uggs were too wide for my feet :(

Liz said...

oh ya, and for a tip for anyone...

uggs look really cool paired with a mini and leggings. very laid back, but nice for a walk arround the park.

Liz said...

ooooo! i wish i tried that before I bought the ones from AE.... oh well.

*cAtHi* said...

you can get em for like 140 at nordstrom, they have like tons and tons of styles of them.

Anonymous said...

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