Sunday, December 10, 2006


I've already made a winter wishlist, but there are many more adorable things that I feel as if I just need to have - and since I get presents on Hanukkah and Christmas, there will be plenty of time for presents!

I adore Audrey Hepburn. This book called, "Audrey Hepburn Treasures" has copies/remakes of letters she recieved, photos, birth certificates - that you can literally take out of the book.

I also love dark red nail polish. It always looks timeless and chic, and just a little bit edgy. Chanel's nail varnish manages to stay on for 2 weeks with no chips!

I just adore this little Chloe tote. The metallic/rough silver is such a versatile color.

There are going to be a ton of winter/new years parties this year, and what better to spread cheer with adorable, bright Marc Jacobs patent leather pumps? I love the little pink bow!

This Diane von Furstenberg top is also a great party-piece because it can easily be worn with jeans and little black ballet flats or even a little velvet skirt.

I'm always a last minute kind of gal - brushing hair while walking out the door, putting shoes on in the elevator... This Bobbi Brown shimmer brick and lip kit will allow me to put on all my makeup in the taxi - and since it's such a subtle, gorgeous glow there won't be any mess-ups!

I adore the store Scoop in NYC, however, you can also purchase their chic items on These cute little tweed ballet flats will be perfect for a long day at school, and I'm sure this metallic belt would look amazing over an oversized sweater.


I just can't get over how chic this Miu Miu jersey dress is. Navy blue is my favorite color, and I adore scoop necks - how could this dress get any better?

And finally, a new pair of jeans. Earnest sewn jeans are soo comfortable and the washes are amazing - so deep and fresh. I love this take on the cigarette pant.

It looks like I'll have to suck-up to my parents a lot more than I thought...

Stay Chic!,

Chic in the City <3


Anonymous said...

cute post!! i think youll have to do better than nagging to get that chloe purse...LOL

molly said...

divine pants. i love.

CoutureCure said...

thats HAUTE!

Gabriella Tinelli said...

I agree about Audrey Hepburn, she was beautiful..

Gabriella From Italy

Lulu Fruitloops said...

love the blog! and that miu miu dress.... and that chloe bag... ahaha.

Anne said...

Is that you copying Hepburn? Oh... my...looks sooo good!

BTW... first time here... love your style!


hautecouture said...

marc jacobs pumps = cuteness

Elizabeth said...

I agree with you about the dress looking like a slip. I was going to add that to my post, but then I had to hurry off to dance... But on kate boutique it was under the dress section! :P

*cAt* said...

"brushing hair while walking out the door, putting shoes on in the elevator... This Bobbi Brown shimmer brick and lip kit will allow me to put on all my makeup in the taxi"

you are so lucky to live in new york.

that^ made my heart ache with homesickness...

Jane said...

oh my gosh!!! i found that audrey hepburn book and promptly fell in love! you seem to be very into the whole retro/mod look that audrey had going for herself. that reminds me to make sure to get my fair lady when i make it home for christmas!!

molly said...

yeahhh its so crazy, they never had a weird period like hilary duff or lindsay lohan.
theyve always been extremely rad.

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